ELA ROCKS!! Team 7-1
Fact or Opinion?
"Are Athletes Overpaid?" Argument article
Starbucks Argument Cartoon Analysis
Argument Unit Vocabulary
Stems #6
Informational Essay
Stems #5 (activity assignment due Tuesday, 2/21)
Newsela Sign-in Code
"Craig Kielburger Reflects on Working Toward Peace" personal essay
YouTube "Bully Project" trailer
Text Structures Definitions, Examples, Signal Words, Organizers
Happy New Year
Author's Purpose Presentation for Notes
Stems #4
A Christmas Carol -- Scope magazine version
Stems #3
Revision Techniques for Memoir (lesson from Monday, 12/12/16)
What is a Memoir?
Six-Word Memoirs by 7th graders
Memoir brainstorming and Sample Memoirs
Memoir Unit
Anything But Typical
Author Nora Raleigh Baskin introduces her novel Anything But Typical
ELA games to play when you are bored or want to get smarter??
"Seventh Grade" short story
Stems #2
Gary Soto Interview
Theme Prezi
Parts of Speech Rap
Ongoing HOMEWORK for ELA class...
Welcome Letter for Parents
What's Happening?
What Are We Doing In Class Today/This Week??
Stargirl Book Trailer
Theme Challenge Practice
What is English Language Arts?
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